​There is always something happening at The Foxhole!!  From the MOAB challenge and Burger Tour of Duty to our Daily Lunch Special and Happy Hour, you are sure to find an offer, challenge or event that is just perfect for YOU!!  Find your perfect fit below.
​Burger Tour of Duty
Foxhole Lounge Fan Club

Love The Foxhole?  Want access to exclusive rewards?  Then the Foxhole Fan Club is for you!!  You will get access to exclusive member only rewards every month, plus a special discount for just for your birthday.  Signing up is quick and easy.  Just let us know your email and birthday and you are all set.  Sign up today and start enjoying rewards!!

Happy Hour

We offer Happy Hour everyday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  During Happy Hour, all domestic beer bottles are $3.00, import bottles are $4.00, High Life bottles are $2.00, and $1.00 off all well calls.

M.O.A.B. Challenge 

The  MOAB is the "Mother of All Burgers"   It comes stacked high at just under 1 and 1/2 feet.  Along with its accompanying  fries, this is not the burger for the faint of heart or the skimpy eater!!  But if you are able to finish all of it in under 30 minutes,  it's FREE!!


Burger Tour of Duty Cards

Some people love our specialty craft burgers so much they can't wait to try them all.  If this is you, then you'll love our Tour of Duty Punch Cards.  You will receive a punch for each one of our specialty burgers you order.  Once your card is full, you will have completed your "burger tour of duty" and receive a free T-Shift and cheeseburger to commemorate your accomplishment.


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